Daddy Clanger (imc) wrote,
Daddy Clanger

An evening of DIY

smallclanger is at his Granny's this evening, so we can have an early night for once (er… oops).

After dropping him off we went to Burford, to discover the craft shop didn't have any of the yarn bopeepsheep wanted. Then back via Tesco, which was most of the afternoon gone.

We have succeeded in moving some boxes and a bookcase out of the spare room. Actually, the bookcase is still in the spare room, but it's in bits on a high shelf. This evening I have mostly been putting up six shelves on the wall in its place. Except the shelves aren't up yet (but most of the supports are, and I stopped because it was getting late and my drill was thirsty).

Around the time that I was in the kitchen feeding Indian takeaway to the microwave, my laptop did one of its hard freezes (it happens about once a month, which is irritating). The screensaver pattern was still on the screen, but I had to power cycle it to get it to do anything. What it did was fail to POST and not even turn the screen on, which was a bit of a surprise. Anyway, a bit of fiddling with the DIMMs underneath the machine and it seems to be working again now. Perhaps it will even stop crashing…

Oh, the noise is back, but it's very quiet so not too irritating. In fact it may never have really stopped. I discovered that plugging earphones in makes the noise somewhat louder (but only through the speakers, not through the earphones). The volume control still doesn't affect it, of course. How very odd.


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