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imc's Journal

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Daddy Clanger
12 October 1968
imc is an unremarkable specimen of humanity born in Lancashire and raised by average middle-class parents in a small semidetached house with (eventually) two brothers. Having left school and gone to University to study mathematics and computing, he decided not to leave and bought a house in the suburbs of Oxford, from where he commutes into the city centre to do technical support on a network of Unix computers.

imc is ISTJ, DGLD, and Centrist. Also shy, geeky and (some might say) intelligent. But above all, as you will see from his journal, very boring.

imc is the father of smallclanger, a very charming small boy born in 2003.

Contact details are posted in a friends-only entry.

Friending policy: go ahead, I don't mind, and you don't need permission. However, please don't get upset if I don't immediately add you back. The majority of my journal entries are public (if there's a long gap it usually means I went dormant and didn't post anything). I have a public Default View filter; if you are on it then I am probably reading your journal — but I don't comment on every post I read. I don't read every day. (For a long time I tried to read everything, but when my entries-to-read browser tabs exceeded 300 I burned them all and admitted that I just can't keep up.)

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